pink saturday, PoefusionMondayMural


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michelle’s poefusion monday mural
beverly’s pink saturday
photo: ainsleyanne, photobucket

observing the quarter moon rise against the luminous black night she cannot help but to open a window and breathe in the fleeting fragrance of rescued salvation.

soon to arrive, she arranged the screen in a specific light to optimize the essence of his perception.  a cover to clothe a place hidden from his everyday senses. aware of his quiet clean reserve a wish is freely painted on the canvas of his attention. something special separating now and then and discloses just a hint of what lies within. the absolute sanctum where one can find mystery and explore the timelessness of discovery. 

gifted by his presence, she recognizes a desire to rest in whispering silence. with prudent little movement she removes his cloak and draws him to follow. thanking the invisible one, she turns internal touching a lost treasure recently released she smiles in small serenity.

etched eternal on the slate of spirit, the delicate drift of candlelight suggests a subtle melodius movement caressing the intangible air of delight and dreams.

soft pink screen
sense solitude stirring
enchanting existence

engaging impressions
speaking sight sensation
confidential companion

yield tender tegument
defined infinity
one slice serving

Napowrimo, PoefusionMondayMural


Meme from PoefusionMondayMural; photo: jdgumby, photobucket
day 2 of ReadWritePoem–napowrimo.. today’s flavor 3 haiku… April 30 days 30 poems prompt.. be sure to stop by napowrimo for others who are participating as well


untouchable she
sang a beautiful refrain
octava bassa

bunched in a pile
how dear she appears to him
cascading water

random thoughts arrayed
butterfly fluttering heart
haggling details

last night reading a magazine, saw this painting by Joan Miro… so reminded me of MondayMural…


Seeing Everything

Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural;
photo: Tea Rorschach, Jennifer Hines, Flickr

sitting across i observed
his eyes, his shoulders, his mouth
he was definitely talking
a language i could hear

pointing his long alien fingers
at this one
he pauses waiting
and then that one
what do you see he says

at a cost without numbers
my mind smirked at his
dry degrees hanging
on the wall

i saw nothing
and yet everything
my life in a spilt teacup
floating with ease
the saucer spoke silently
beyond his myopic sight



Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural
photo: fairy, MariposaViajera, photobucket


once there was a time
when we trusted the touch
of our intrinsic embrace

hic et nunc
captivated by cupidity
bound in fettered indulgence
aloof the stars behold

de novo la luna
kindles the speechless silence
murmuring caressing words

sparked by songs of suggestion
soothing strings the harp sings
my hands bound in frugality

forever near in promised sleep
our plight remains unheeded