napowrimo 2021, Poetry


it’s been awhile now
don’t mind it a bit
i just lay, look up and count
count because i like to count
i could go from one side of town to the other
at the end i would record my number
in the books of my mind and
head back to the other end

i’d meet my neighbors, tip my hat
regardless of whether they would
acknowledge this ol’ man
far from my youth
and blessed to be
still countin’

poet’s notes: day 8 of 30… over at napowrimo it’s a great day of writing your dead people story….

3WW, Poetry

3www. 55 fathers

thomg’s three word wednesday: drench, immune, radiate

observation immune
not on their way rescue
tumbling turmoil
dust to dust dry drench

sorrow seeping sigh
rearranging righteous
surrender sagacity
handfuls of horrible harm

scattered souls survival
gather their belongings
the empty hollow heights
trace the outline of his face

hold and release
here comes the light
radiate eradicate
sand sinking sincerity