MLMM, Poetry, sunday writing


it’s a good cause
abstract and bearable
keeps the cursing far away
shifting from here to there
it matters not the dawn

hidden behind a wall
trap door deceit
living the lie
freedom fighter
every single day

feline female
purring and pretty
beyond blemish
smart and sensual
fictional figurine

without one worry
her glittered life of leisure
five living children
three nannies strong
she’s a shrouded sphinx

book reading excursion
far from land across the sea
another drop will do
this troublesome trouble
perceive her quixotic reflection

napowrimo day 26. MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt Define Insanity, Reasons for Admission

poet’s note: found this intriguing how a woman who was troublesome and did not follow the rules of engagement were treated as insane and locked up. if not locked up they sipped from a bottle that cured the vapors. how often have we found ourselves in a situation of our own making thinking it was a better world than it really was.

3WW, Poetry

change me

thomg’s three word wednesday this week’s offer: fragile rampant tremor

she soon discovered his fragile state
starting with a small tremor
quickly becoming uncontrollable
and why oh why was there this
rampant released hysterical laughter
staring at his back now nothing as he was
his best suit torn and hair, hair everywhere
he turns and smiles so silly with wicked wild fangs
what’s for dinner honey

Poetry, WritersIsland

old love grows new roots

writer’s island: the gift. this was perfect timing for something that needed to be expressed….missing someone can be haunting at times…for linda growing strong… here’s the ongoing story…previous posts; photo: Lipstickjudy stalus, flickr

it is not so bad
most days
sleep comes easy

here now without
i cannot, come and
be right next to me

today i totally surrender
softly sobbing the once
smothered to you

no one hears nearby
i clutch at the arms
familiar to me

eventually sleep comes
and when you
smile i do too

carry on tuesday

weaving mortals

carry on tuesday: The prompt this week is the opening sentence from The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer “we think we know the ones we love”. Use all or part of it at the start or somewhere within your poem or prose

we weave back and forth
barely beyond the grave
ghost shadows our arms embraced
pausing the predestined

there’s no surprise
when you reappear gazing
from the face of another
clothed and conscious

who could this be
wearing your familiarity
your imprint waiting watching
such an easy fit

filling the blank spaces
inserted midway
we think we know
the ones we love


once more

 three word wednesday  january 14, 2009: entwine, forfeit, tryst
photo: Ian Livesey, flickr

this morning i noticed the calendar
hanging on the wall
January 2009
it’s almost been a year

inanimate timeline
just out of reach
i cannot accept just yet

we talk almost every day
over lonely morning coffee

entwined we are
flesh and spirit

each night just before
i close my eyes
i turn reaching across
to your empty side
and kiss you goodnight
sweet dreams

i would forfeit
everything here
to be with you there

as always you smile
lean over, and
kiss me back

i cannot help
but long for you

i gently plead
when no one sees
a tryst of time
again, with you
a small forever

for a dear friend counting days without him. russ and linda a life interruped. linda, i love you dearly…. previous posts are here