magpie tales, Poetry



i still have a dream
smokefree fire burning
belly deep desire

standing still the sky is calling
on a clear day forever blue
aviator adrift passing perfect clouds

remembering and forgetting
pasting and taping
curiosity cutting for a cure

light with love
wingspan surreal
catching the current

one size suitcase ready
small inconsequential items only
no heavy weight withdrawals

it’s easy now
i still have a dream
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
magpie tales: no 172, photo–Charleston Farmhouse Door


water wedged


i was thinking of a way to fly
with fine feathered wings

so clear the blue sky out there
where the wild wind nuzzles

untroubled and racing
a deluge of dreams deliver

sweet and kind, life jacket weary
life turned over baking the other side


one single impression: nest, magpie tales no 145 photo: red chair, sunday scribblings: flood

magpie tales, Poetry

magpie tales.faulkner flies

finding faulkner once more
serpentine tussle
tugging and alluring
how heavenly sinister
and uncertain

something so cloaked
and contained
characters climbing
falling flat fumble

black and white
living dying death
love at last
a jump out a window
forever planted

snake charmer decoder
long mysterious tails
one to another
distant dark collusion

i can’t put the book down light in august

magpie tales 102 photo: Wassily Kandinsky Red Spot II 1921