magpie tales, Poetry


Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, Bonnie Beechler

Hanging up curtains
winter weather snow falling
summer’s heat shadow

frosty walk rescue
snowdrift wandering white world
traces of time melt

hearing sounds of spring
awaken the sleepy dawn
tracks of time crisscross

laughter’s monologue
bygone boarder detritus
stowaway stories

flames of consciousness
notice not the waning want
crackling quiet

magpie no 210, photo: Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler

magpie tales, Poetry



Just inside one window
the mind burrows beneath
a tender blanket of quiet
sleepless vigil the sun sets
into a next day dawn

Eating white crackers
for dinner, a sip of red wine
spills on white
tomorrow’s light will tell all

Feet walking somewhere
a muffled sound of life passing
no longer does the daily paper arrive
waiting for another’s voice

It’s almost time
a one cigarette smoke
outside beckoning balcony alone
calls in from an open window
a vacanted chair materializes

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Magpie no 207, photo: Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien. there are always waiting voices in buildings. waiting to speak, to be heard. I’ve listened and heard of lives lived, passed on… though some stay behind…

magpie tales, Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle


balloons 1

savor the softness of rain
one drop rooted to another
caressing the cares
beneath a dry blue sky eruption

black colored crows colloquy
loud laughter lounges
passersby peek out polite
backseat driver butterfly

baby girl exiguous
scarce the heat of another
delicate desire buried mist
last drop love parched lips

waiting wind wanders weightless
vegetation velocity
sticky stories planted firm
blame a bunch of balloons

footpath approaching
wide open wishes
backyard roaring thunder
a million drops wet explosion

his strength turns my square round
our dark cell dungeon delights
neutral shadows move along
eroded errors engine roar

starting brand new weather
clear calm coming home
shiny diamond ring religion
we still don’t know the way

* * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * *
sunday whirl: wordle number 119; magpie tales no 179

…when i saw this photo my immediate reaction was to smile… .i could not help but to remember a ride similar to this…