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Over at Weekend Wordsmith the prompt is…carrying a grudge
photo: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,  janie6977, photobucket

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

keeping his distance
he smirked
and sneered
at all who passed

mumbling dark magic
his dark red ragged eyes
appeared possessed

crumbling quickly
his sensitive nature
turned to dust

soon restored
pebble by pebble
his new heart hardened
stone and steel

day 29 NaPoWriMo


to write

Friday 5 this week prompt: duple, scheme, vintage, harbor, cease

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this strange madness
is a hard task master

beneath the scheme
of vintage writings

lies a quiet harbor
tending to unilluminate

the shadowy presence
of splintered visions

racing through crowded skies
in waves unrestrained

acknowledged with motion
the will to nurture and compose

painted bright the soul
pen and thoughts duple

the dream-like disquiet
ceases from flight

serenity cascades as water
upon this edge of thirst