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sugar coated

big tent poetry: prompt this week is a two-step process. a little of this a little of that. something abt (1) first focus on this one gesture and then (2) write abt something completely different yet affected by step one you write… sounds fun to me… instantly brought to mind the keys, ie, piano… a sacred spot.. ; wandered over to the wonderful haiku blog one single impression: this week, pensive;  found this beautiful foto which completely caught the musicality all wrapped in one expression…. photo: Chiama piano, by iskra_m, flickr

extending the fingers the thumb placed perfectly
a  slight bend floating fingertips
a resting sigh untangle

two flat feet untroubled eyes responds the heart
heaving with weight the notes chatter endlessly
shifting towards expression the ear listens quiet

a sensible sound calls attention a backward echo
alone, begins the clutter of a song
gushing to the surface

i just wanted you to notice me
to turn your eyes in favor
you and i alone

a waiting wandering kiss

in the middle of
this and that
stirring nonchalantly

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repairable repartee

read write poem: day 8 napowrimo, unusual love connections. think of your current love, your current obsession or the one who got away and come up with five or more unusual metaphors for the object of your affection/obsession. got plenty of those regardless, romance is timeless.
tommyg’s three word wednesday: deviate, identify, saturate
photo:  ianlk, flickr

separated by sincerity
we sit across an orgasmic ocean
lapping love licking 
our suspended wounds

found by lovesick fate
a decorated table elucidate
scrutinizing sky blue eyes
melt away marvelous madness

your hands speak effortlessly
expecting a candid reply
deceptive dessert denies
a sweetened silver spoon

rescued revelation responds
a quick intoxicating kiss commute
the familiar fragrance
saturate our isolated eligibility

i once curled around
purring velvet trust
no longer hissing
silent salutation

don’t deviate
or try to explain
i stumble and stutter
freeze and fumble

persuasive perception
identify and confess
again your hands open
quick slow drowning splash

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seafaring soak

saturday scribes: the air we breathe; 3 words, overcome, chimera, canopy
read write poem: day 12, napowrimo; photo: bird sellerdolce babanne, flickr

the cognizant invisibility
of my digital clock
red light’s silent
thunderous ticking

it’s always this way
overcome with restless-ness
suspended sleep
even here with peace
lying beside me
in gentle waves of water

all wet
a quiet noise comes
the sandman
his twinkling  toes
and pink gold floating dust

cannot help but to
take flight the
midnight cool air
a singsong bird’s call
chimera dripping rainbow

we soon soar
peeling past the
canopy effervescent stars

subtlety steady
straight ahead
there’s nothing so like this
not even hot butttered
blueberry pancakes