short story, totally optional prompts


totally optional prompts, this week’s request for poems: intersections. think about the contact points between things you wouldn’t normally think had a whole lot to do with each other.

only if you pause noiselessly does the slim possibility exist you will see the noctural light living. her stealth approach and growling manner rarely brings one close. undefined green lush air encloses the world of panther. solitary single, surreptitious shadow she stalks the city light seeking her prey.

he walks the sleepless nights, seeking shelter from an old torn tormenting tale bounded by dusk and dawn. he extracts the memento mori with recollection trembles hearing the cacophany of clashing between city streets and backstreet alleys yawning with despair.

happenstance soon brings the unnoticeable noticed in a rare volatile visual exchange. active the parallel compass turns a corner as the prey unaware stalls in stupor at her presence before him. eyes from nowhere revive in recognition, her soft paws silent, claws withdrawn, she seeks a course to bring him back. apocalypse vacancy persuades the juncture of living and dead to a connection home.

Napowrimo, PoefusionFriday5


Michelle’s Poefusion Friday 5 this week’s prompt: brittle, aluminum foil, Polaroid, skunk, salt; photo: sarahmusselman01, photobucket

searching for something
the old brittle Polaroid
salted the tasteless
view for revelation

clearing the clouds
of skunk-filled mist
the scent of discovery
stopped clarity cold

lost without memory
aluminum foil wrapped
for better reception
the search continued
absent abstraction

 day 12 NaPoWriMo

…and, because i’ll be traveling for the next few days, i’d like to post tomorrow’s NaPoWriMo 30-days of poems..i may not be able to get to a computer… hopefully this will be considered ok… if not..oh, well…. hence, the title one and two….

another fib….great fib site
photo: Calebsmom1234, photobucket

wild horses roam
as days of old running free

day 13 NaPoWriMo



photo: alisaka2bit_photo, photobucket

closet cleaning creates mystical waves of bending time, passing years, shedding skins, emptying dusty suitcases filled with long ago memories….

turning away
told endless lies
of believeable truths

covered in the warmth
of forgiveness
answered cold
screamed back

restless the sheets
entangled my heart
with invisible chains of grief

layers of heat
filled my heart
yearning for his touch

breathless i cried out
his name
to the empty air
hearing without ears