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come closer

read write poem napowrimo day 18 light bulb moments. introduction of a word éclat. your poem should express the emotions that grip you as you experience your “shock” moment; photo: titanium taurus tracker 44 magnum snub nose, Willie Lunchmeat, flickr

dormant lies a secret
shadowy silly story
no one knows at all

a hundred details
big and small sentiments
retrospective reluctance

almost expressed aloud
with little hesitation
but nope not yet can’t

but if you really want to know here’s the story


au courant


weekend wordsmith no 84: sensible
photo: “Eleanor’s Sensible Shoes”, by appaloosa

alive her skin breathes
cognizant her consciousness
restrains the howl

efficient miles
reverberating comfort
disturbance aware

prepossessing light
formality desire
unreachable touch

her husband covets
not eleanor’s affection
nor her rosey cheeks

distant young demure
her smile reaches just shy
his once open arms



Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: string, mural, kempt, dilated, vinegar
photo: nakmar, photobucket


unraveling in secret
his heart did not see
the pull of a string

once tightly woven with
care and consideration
gravity gradually separated
the unity of a colorful life

appearing kempt in expression
the facade began to crumble
breath by breath held in a
hidden puzzle of restrain and hold
neglect took its toll

the healing tonic of lemon
vinegar and sweetened water
could not hold back the slaver of time
slowly cascading down the mural
of his picturesque life