Flying Pelicans, Mountain View, CA
photo: flying pelicans mt view ca, marty_g, photobucket

tanka 1…
out in the open
whispering winds whistling
salvation calling
with little more than friendship
kindness grasped survival

haiku 1….
sprouting tender shoots
pronounced the coming season
full of hope and spring

haiku 2….
racing on the wind
pelicans spread their wings far
reaching out for life

haiku 3….
not knowing the end
starting at the beginning
was complicated



3WW prompt: rest, sidewalk, twice
photo: night sidewalk, aliceng702, photobucket

Night sidewalk

empty the hollowness
echoed in the quiet mind

approaching the obliquity
was not easy for the observer

finding rest beyond living
was twice the heartache as existing

pacing the long sidewalk
eased the anxiety of departure


Seeing Everything

Meme from Poefusion, MondayMural;
photo: Tea Rorschach, Jennifer Hines, Flickr

sitting across i observed
his eyes, his shoulders, his mouth
he was definitely talking
a language i could hear

pointing his long alien fingers
at this one
he pauses waiting
and then that one
what do you see he says

at a cost without numbers
my mind smirked at his
dry degrees hanging
on the wall

i saw nothing
and yet everything
my life in a spilt teacup
floating with ease
the saucer spoke silently
beyond his myopic sight