as an alien in a familiar territory, she could no nothing but mimic the cry of the others with the same purple plume. she loved the feeling of free flight and laughed out loud whenever she could. secluded in her effort to stay hidden, the others barely took notice of her strange complicated behavior, side-stepping the multi-colored cutlet with barely a missed step. finding her way to the other side, she notice the slight movement of soft brown grains of sand creating a sudden plication and then quickly disappear. unable to look away, she stepped closer, closer… soon sucked into the void of thresh her life forever changed in the shifting sands.
* * * * * * * * * *
Michelle’s Poefusion Friday Five this week are: thresh, plication, cullet, secluded, mimic
photo: jvverde flickr


Altered State

Surealist Self Image

high on the hill
telepathic timid tree
fingertips sprouting

living visible
upside down
branching out
room to run

different does
the day declare
magnified mumbo-jumbo
hungar to depart
this ancient ground

absent feet
gravity grounded
waiting wondering watchtower
percolating perch
remote roots
if only…
* * * * *
Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: surealist selfportrait, jypcee, photobucket

interesting prompt this week, michelle…. at first had no thoughts as to where to begin… and to find it is a self portrait all the more interesting…

Napowrimo, Poefusion


Poefusion No 7: Read Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens and write your own 13-part poem using one repeating image or symbol; this was a most enjoyable exercise, thank you michelle…; photo: blue sky, melodymasterplatts, photobucket

blue sky

reaching out for dawn
purple gray daybreak awakens
translate beautiful blue sky

resting beneath a big oak tree
blue sky twitters talking birds
early morning substance

submerged in deep rich dirt
sleepy bulbs yield to spring
raining sunshine blue sky

scorching hot blue sky
cool breeze sea waters call
running fast to sea

melting in the melodious glassy sea
backstroke swaying side to side
waving to the observant blue sky

shimmering white sandy beach
cloudless blue sky sleeping
captivating rolling restless waves

wet sand sea shells
feathered blue sky whisper breezes
generous waves sing acapello

crooning blue sky composing verse
luminescent white clouds floating
picturesque sheets of water rainbows

quiet sandy beach
clear blue sky
crabs simple delight

baking beneath a pool of blue sky
tanning golden brown
cooked bright stinging red underneath

constant changing shorelines
competing blue skies
contemplating choices careful consideration

embrace benevolent waves
agile body senses the current
blue skies revere the journey

soaking wet in the heated sun
butterfly blue sky kisses
dry the salty dew drops

day 5, NaPoWriMo…..