Poetry, sunday whirl, wordle



scatter the stark sight that sees
intimate concrete circle
sorrowful strain secretes so silent

built by bare homeless hands
striking pounding quiet queer
desperate deeds race with no end

illuminate the isolate
open window wallow
un-hitch the tether tight

purchase a longing perhaps
bent by being a body bare
incentive invitation signed sincerely

deciding not to go
already there, waiting
the guest list grows

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
sunday whirl: wordle no 121

….places some people go time and time again, while others never not once. nor notice… 

Poetry, we write poems

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i have to speak in such a way
that only you would know

morning glow assembly
majestically proclaims
another fast forward
reminding me to yield

surrogate surrounding cantata
sorrow’s steady soothing steps
tomorrow’s turn tumbling foward
there’s not too many left

the wind flies constant
never stopping once
leaving more than less
dropping dreams design

settled comfortably
on the edge of a crackly leaf
the dew comforts

we write poems: keepsakes like a breathe

Haiku, haiku my heart

haiku my heart.living

12 words of wonder
shifting back and forth knowing
tombstone mumblings

catching quiet wind
grasping loosely never told
sand slipping stories

coyote calm coo
he clearly saw the remains
heartfelt howl hiss

i’m trying you know
leaving it all behind me
dead dry roses cry


recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]

Haiku, OneSingleImpression

OSI. amaranthine

one single impression: dreams
photo: davidphoto23, flickr

River Front Fog

altered abstraction
smallest scent of intimate
you sat next to me

unwrinkled willing
softest mist of memory
i sat next to you

gathering flutter
the clutter of your being
naturally normal

undisguised conscience
opening closed eyes aware
closer we held tight

still sounds of not yet
visiting hours over
eternity etched