babies breath

babies battle
unwanted conception
destructive deaths

i cannot see
i cannot feel
what i do not
touch or know

deep inside
my life-giving womb
breathes a baby
attached by blood
attached by water

down the street
and to the left
there lies a darkness
behind the one-way
antiseptic door

a baby’s life
changes everything
i try to forget
i try to hide
the dirty deed
that doesn’t disappear
* * * * * * * * *
Writer’s Island Journal no 2. this week’s topic controversial
photo: Baby snail cradle, vikinggib3000, flickr

OneSingleImpression, Poetry

without strings attached

clear window gazing
his silent simple footsteps
made way towards our home

knowing life waited
just as he left moons ago
glancing backwards blink

tearing through his flesh
blood bones memories spilling
all for liberty

ephemeral view
forever his first last breath
candle’s light burning

between his fingers
webbed in silence unobserved
my love weaved tightly

he’s never left me
the scent of his life lingers
between blood and bones
* * * * * * * * *
one single impression no 21: homecoming;
photo: David Tutwiler: Homeward Bound, freeparking, flickr