Haiku, Poetry

spiracle retreat

one single impression: trembling
photo: Trappedbikeracer, flickr

deciding to decide
there was little else to do
rebirth rebel ramble

turning twirling twice
surface seeking surveillance
passage way eyewitness

remember this
forget that
metamorphose fresh

emerging mindless
shivering inquietude
bringing no baggage

blindfolded bother
farm girl fantasy
sleeping in till 10

pink paint polish brush
toenails and fingernails
a full body massage

wrapped in reality
this tiny twittering escape
mimosa lavender descent



thomg three word wednesday: crush, knack, varied;
read write poem: naprowrimo day 3
photo: JVLIVS © ®™, flickr

sitting with others
she soon lost herself
in the crush of scented
lavendar and pink rose petals
gathered in a small echo of time

no longer participating
she simply moved with
the sway of varied winds
along the shoreline of
mystic rivers flowing

finding the knack
of effortless escape
became her redemption
in a homeland adrift