3WW, Poetry


tumble dryer

breakfast at marvelous midnight
a soft small naughty little need

egg cracking quiet, my bare feet
feel the cool floor collateral

window gazing wander, night’s zenith of
bright stars blanket above blue benign

boiling water whistle awakening
a taunt tactic of one’s clear collusion

broken bits of gone awry remain
shall we sooth a sore asunder

crouched our bold once barren
one convincing cry takes flight

our naughty little needs contend
puncture and pierce the soft tissue beating

later drying sheets alone
tumbling telling tales wag

outside tiny birds chirping chatter
seize the soundless summoning inside

three word wednesday:  zenith, naughty, tactic
photo: tumble dry, comadreja, flickr

magpie tales, Poetry, short story


magpile tales: photo each week ;  and, let’s not forget the unforgettable marvin gaye’s rendition of the star spankled banner [utube]

we decided to start all over. from the beginning. and now there’s all sorts of dirty laundry piled high in our closet. his and mine. i only do laundry when there’s a slow movie with a hundred commercials. tho’ there’s not a tv in the house, no electricity. we lounge around in each other’s minds playing games we’re both familiar with. sometimes i watch out of spite not giving a inch. he manages a smile coming from day one starting the love cycle all over again.

Haiku, haiku bones


haiku bones: sleep
photo: jackie-dee, flickr

perfection floating
crisp clean cool sheets silent
and then the white moon

fallen petals lie
stories gathered suspended
pink pillow prattle

crashing yesterdays
exploding tomorrows take-off
rides to anywhere

growing green gardens
feral flying fantasy
unfamilar earth

dawn’s ruckus calling
wave goodbye nightlight turbulance
morning sun tints dusk


fluttering butterflies

three word wednesday: drip, hypnotic, sulk
photo:  GetDavo, flickr

i love the way you sulk
the lazy rhythmic drip
oozing over
onto my just washed floor

i cannot help but smile
how you still react
to love passing by

i secretly watch
your flaring nostrils silent beat
peeking thru the soft anger
as hurt hides within

i long to surround
the scent of your spirit
folding your fresh washed white shirts
you wore just last week

shall i now apologize
or linger in your telling love
unspoken words only strong men speak