3WW, Poetry

bird on a wire

thomg’s three word wednesday: this week’s offer: abrupt, kernel, wield
photo: bird on a wire, miguel lasa, photo.net

a kernel kept quiet beneath his steel wing
the beating heart of a breathing man
let him be as a distant silver shining knight
wielding his weight upon his white steed
abrupt his flight steady his gait

and for those who would enjoy leonard cohen, bird on a wire 2009…

Napowrimo, Poefusion, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

tangled up in blue

read write poem: napowrimo, day 14; michelle’s poefusion: no 30, pick a favorite poem and make a new poem by adding lines of your own between each pair of original lines–i picked gregory orr, entitled “love poem;” photo: bob dylan, photobucket


a black biplane crashes through the window
massive magnificent a white horse galloping fast
of the luncheonette. the pilot climbs down,
veranda intrusion metal clanging knight
removing his leather hood.
gallently dismounts he bows in noble manner
he hands me my grandmother’s jade ring
humming musical notes twirl round his metal helmet
no, it is two robin’s eggs and
bob dylan in dark glasses a hundred years ago
a telephone number: yours.
twangs a familar sonnet remembering our forgotten.