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waiting for the bus

magpie tales no 25 photo; and writer’s island no 14 2010: the journey. i really liked the photo this week over at magpie tales and writer’s island had a great prompt as well. at night late when one boards a bus we never know whom it is we shall meet. i’ve been there, half asleep eyes unfocused….

11 pm quiet cool evening
creating cellophane spaces
where shapeless shadows stand
sprouting at several spots
lodged along the active avenue
enjoying a secret sanctuary

seemingly occupied
the bench taken with three
the few left to stand
agile energetic forces
clear and conscious

destination bound luggage
filled with not forgotten dreams
lightly lathered in love
settling soothe sincerity
shadows shift then soar

ticket holding departure
clasp firmly by strings
unpredictable carrying key
whimpering lock harmonizing fit
stepping up to board
a forward 1 am float



engaged in the garden
concocting flower beds
the old ancient key
surfaces in the soil

touched by the beauty
her fingertips tingled
curious of origins

hanging on a nail
along a timeworn
wooden painted fence
the powerful past
of the ancient key
remains hidden


it’s hard to go
into that room
locked in eternity
rarely speaking
cobwebs comfort
keeper of keys

touch nothing
still air stares

harm comes
hiding in the
halls and walls
dim shaped shadows
whisper cruel tales

misguided moment
pause with purpose
notice nothing
leave the dark
disregard dwell not
keep the old key hidden

visit weekend wordsmith. this week’s prompt: an old key that opens some door somewhere in the past; photos: key to nowhere, originally uploaded by *ivyness*, The Weight Of An Empty Room., originally uploaded by This Isn’t Safe… (jeffreyworthen).