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recuerda mi corazon.burning blaze

rebecca’s delightful friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
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bold potent belief rescue wonderful
heated ribbons staccato tender touch totality
overtaken heart wall to wall engage

bold potent belief
heated ribbons staccato
overtaken heart

rescued wonderful
tender touch totality
wall to wall engage

it is a wonderful blessing to have a faith…. when i first heard the phrase “.. my dear, he’s no longer on the cross..” it was a very powerful statement that awakened a silent sleep within… forever rescued

cleave poetry is a form i return to again and again. there is so much room to dance and write! [simply it is two separate poems and yet put together make wonderful music….]

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humble pie

read write poem: day 24. Find a phrase. Je ne sais quoi An indescribable or inexpressible something. Literally, ‘I know not what’; photo: Morning Java, JamMarz, flickr

a beautiful morning
pops out from behind
the night. a hand making
motion. as a sheer silent
curtain drawn back

it’s about 5 am and i am
wide awake. i arise from the
comforts of sleeping
soundly in the security
of my soft warm bed

my morning ritual
begins. i make strong
french black coffee
and head towards
the back porch stairs

i sit outside in the
garden under the tree
enjoying the current
book i am reading
resting in the sounds of
early morning

not a second later
along comes the intruding
sound of someone speaking
requesting the time
what in the world
solitude interruptus

i look up towards the sound
and i am instantaneously blinded
by the sheer force of light
without thought i pull my
hands upward to shield my eyes

and just as quickly
the dazzling light dissipates
and i am able to see clearly

i know exactly who
this person is
he smiles and speaks
hello rachel, i’ve heard
your meditations and i’ve
come to sit with you awhile

speechless i wonder
if i am really awake
it is barefoot jesus
i wonder, does he
like his coffee black

Poetry, totally optional prompts

right of way

nomadic by nature, rich in wonder and illusion, the previous steps taken begin to mold and measure the illumination of choice. in a meandering movement of pace the road is always open before me. i often admire the emergence of a fork in the road, the approach to an intersection, a bargaining crossroads where one doesn’t stop to loiter. not today. given the right of way the path simply disregards the day and departs. distracted by conventions, elections and jesus i didn’t notice the shift of a mutation.

gazing at the mythical, temporal temptation to make my own way tugs at my soles. itching to peel out, the seasoned mind begins to ruminate and reason, accelerating to a slow stop. sipping sodas of lemonade and spirits the heat of the day overpowers the composure of confidence for movement.

as a young girl, i would gladly take steps with a smiling countenance counting the inconsequential cost in magical moments of carefree living and untold tomorrows. as a softening heart with a headful of memories i stall, cruise into neutral as the motor of my mind idles smooth as a new tuned engine. cautiously mulling over too many details, unnecessarily gathering dust, the one way calls out…come, come, i am calling.
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Totally Optional Prompt requests one way poems.
photo: STOP !! ONE WAY !!, lat454205 / Lisa, flickr