Big Tent Poetry, gong poetry

day 4. covered

big tent poetry gong poetry day 4 new to you. today i picked toni morrison, unlike any other. a beautiful author in all sorts of ways… for me it all started when i read her book beloved… new to me, her latest entitled jazz. a small excerpt and a line that sorta just stuck out…

“breathing and murmuring under covers both of them have washed and hung out on the line, in a bed they chose together and kept together never mind one leg was propped on a 1916 dictionary, and the mattress, curved like a preacher’s palm asking for witnesses in His name’s sake, enclosed them each and every night and muffled their whispering, old-time love” , dip poetry lounge

a lovely place survives
where two can go to be
a simple sharing sigh

they tell no one
never make plans
their desire uncovered

not a bother
smooth as soft
a sweet knowing familiar