3WW, Poetry

psychic practice

three word wednesday: fear, ignore, weightless
photo: Sakura curtainbananagranola (busy).

mortal morning muse protest
rousing weightless day proclaim
comfy curious cure reveal

outside morning bird call cry
backyard butterfly beauties
suddenly spy
ephemeris fearless fixation
souls release transitory passage

floating falling
cherry blossom curtain
shifting somebodies stirring air
sanguine spirits merrily alight
rambling flourishing fanfare
momentary bloom high in a tree

entertaining eclipse enters
suspend the somnambulist secrets
ignore the snail trail tracks
jostling journey quickens
rider of the river raft rendezvous

short story, totally optional prompts

number 9

totally optional prompts: slowly he turned…
photo: nine, rulecam, flickr

checking his watch
it’s barely 9 minutes after
he notices his room number
the number 9 reflected in his eyes
the key smiling in his palm remarks
yes, there is a 9th floor

how can i bypass the mystery
so tired after flying 9 hours
his eyes dry and scratchy

willing his mind to accept
he hesitates possibly 9 seconds
steps into the empty elevator
the carpet plush with luxury
beneath his soft italian slip-ons

subtle as a serious samuri
less his swift sword
his fingers tips tingling
he felt a foreign fear

facing his fate
slowly he turned
pressing the 9th floor
never noticing his stoic passenger