Napowrimo, ReadWritePoem

file and forget

read write poem: napowrimo no 5, make your poetry personal. this is an interesting prompt today. my thoughts, we place ourselves in everything we write some more shielded than others some oh so transparent. so giving license to expose all with a creative kinky splash why not??!! sounds like a challenge i could not resist. fantasy fiction art in its truest form.
photo: Massimo Pelagagge, flickr

patiently popping bottle tops
collecting delusional diamonds
pink strappy sandals
a light airy opine

hallucinating haughty
intermittent frequency
especially so the housework
dust so dull
vacuum vacuous sneeze

heading homeward
the company comes calling
normal misconception
fantasy feigning floozy

caught 12 spiders
charlotte comes too
there’s no recognition
secrete spin and stash


fluttering butterflies

three word wednesday: drip, hypnotic, sulk
photo:  GetDavo, flickr

i love the way you sulk
the lazy rhythmic drip
oozing over
onto my just washed floor

i cannot help but smile
how you still react
to love passing by

i secretly watch
your flaring nostrils silent beat
peeking thru the soft anger
as hurt hides within

i long to surround
the scent of your spirit
folding your fresh washed white shirts
you wore just last week

shall i now apologize
or linger in your telling love
unspoken words only strong men speak