Big Tent Poetry, Poetry

Red Lips

Big Tent Poetry: circus
photo:   sonora carver and red lips

eavesdrop on the early
budding bright beginning
adventurous reading upside down
cuddle crazy craving
pink sparkles, ballerina tutu
dainty diamond slippers

umbrella balancing act
riding relaxed rendevous
anchored to her strong back
she’d carry me
beyond the hills and
valleys of this small
town world
my pony and me

answering an ad
a simple task of turning
ink stained pages
the phone rings wild

there wasn’t much to it
we rode the tourist tempest
waxed wings melt

we’d climb
up high
about 30
sometimes 60 feet
and with swift stride
we’d leap and soar
diving downwards
plummeting plunge

sooner or later
we’d make land
with a splash

sensing the surface
of cool waters
a deep pool
of water waiting
encompass our weight
happy for momentary flight

Red Lips was the name of the horse she rode and the horse diver was sonora carver [great link to story]