a small gesture

thommyg’s three word wednesday 3ww this week offers: demure, offend, volatile
photo: gordon saunders, flickr

grasping at divine divinity
the dogma offends the earthbound

fickle the four fine winds
toss the tug of volatile views

learning to lean in lightly
the docile swaying strokes the demure

poached in a round rosy ring
the egg of ego softens with a shatter


down yonder

read write poem: read write word 13; napowrimo
photo: Stephen van der Mark, flickr

possession of his wild soul
came into question the moment
his pursed lips tasted the grave

mingling in the multitudinous
he frantically searched the familiar
dark shadows observing
hot burning firelight

his origins erased perdition replaced
he fled the cramped crowded corridors
endless never screaming hello

uneasy ache caress 
tormented bones howling
painless porcelain package
unbreakable release


flagrant flogging

three word wednesday: cadence, humble, resolve

sorry, could you repeat.
resolve the idlyl interlude left imperfect and the double doors will open.
do i need a secret password?
no, step aside you’ve already taken too long. next.

seriously, i’ve stood in line for a week, i think. repeating repetition. there must be another way.
no, not really.
turning around i wondered who would defy the order and speak aloud. following a humble path was not easy. there were no instructions nor was there a list. always there is a list numbered one through ten.

seeking enlightenment in a white crowded cloud was not exactly how i thought it would end. the cadence of death and dying instantaneously was all too disconcerting.

do i really have start all over again?