3WW, Poetry

psychic practice

three word wednesday: fear, ignore, weightless
photo: Sakura curtainbananagranola (busy).

mortal morning muse protest
rousing weightless day proclaim
comfy curious cure reveal

outside morning bird call cry
backyard butterfly beauties
suddenly spy
ephemeris fearless fixation
souls release transitory passage

floating falling
cherry blossom curtain
shifting somebodies stirring air
sanguine spirits merrily alight
rambling flourishing fanfare
momentary bloom high in a tree

entertaining eclipse enters
suspend the somnambulist secrets
ignore the snail trail tracks
jostling journey quickens
rider of the river raft rendezvous



Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: brunt, crack, key, cherry, discard

Cherry Tree Blossom
photo: sapereaude2007, photobucket

gathering in groups
beneath the blossoming blooms
crack the sound of spring

above sun and stars
sakura unlocks the key
heaven’s door opens

cherry trees in bloom
petals of clouds fluttering
discard not the dead

at the feet of gods
renewed in feast offerings
the brunt of death hides

for those who are interested.. hanami