haiku bones, Poetry

another time

haiku bones: 2 o’clock

remote wonderings
a private view
silent solitude

rain falls softly
in sweet song

a light sprinkling
damp rainbow mist
descending drip shadows

near to noon
maybe midnight
possibly past
hush the secret chatter
the sky stirs

thunder rumbles
lightning cracks
rhytmic patterns
expressing their
point of view

Haiku, haiku bones

pinch hitter

haiku bones: infestation
photo: Stinging sea nettle / Osaka Aquarium (#2)Tomobil, flickr

this poison ignites
unstoppable searing flames
ransack and ravage

conflicting shadows
peaceful personality
replaced anima

no longer alone
bedridden bumbling bee
paralyzing sting

visiting a friend who awaits oncoming death i linger and chat, smiling enjoying her company knowing the inevitable is near

Haiku, haiku bones


haiku bones: sleep
photo: jackie-dee, flickr

perfection floating
crisp clean cool sheets silent
and then the white moon

fallen petals lie
stories gathered suspended
pink pillow prattle

crashing yesterdays
exploding tomorrows take-off
rides to anywhere

growing green gardens
feral flying fantasy
unfamilar earth

dawn’s ruckus calling
wave goodbye nightlight turbulance
morning sun tints dusk