3WW, short story

real estate

it is good to be back at thom’s three word wednesday. this week’s offer of three are: effect, immense, shimmer

when all are sleeping and the hazy moon yawns, the effect of time empties into a dead end street of suggestion and sobbing. feeling a rather peculiar feeling, you soon set your eyes upon a happy looking home that secretly yearns for people to populate and bring a light of the living.

there to the left and down the hall is a quiet room that never leaves nor honors the presence of accumulation. a beautiful wooden door, set with an old ornate antique brass knob, guards the order with fierce devotion, letting nothing pass.

forgetting fear, the curious realtor enters the beautiful house sitting quietly among the old immense oaks towering the property. bewitched by beauty, she now lives quietly in the shimmer of a hazy moonlight when all is asleep. behind a wooden door in a remote room guarded so fiercely by a hidden smothered sound.

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repairable repartee

read write poem: day 8 napowrimo, unusual love connections. think of your current love, your current obsession or the one who got away and come up with five or more unusual metaphors for the object of your affection/obsession. got plenty of those regardless, romance is timeless.
tommyg’s three word wednesday: deviate, identify, saturate
photo:  ianlk, flickr

separated by sincerity
we sit across an orgasmic ocean
lapping love licking 
our suspended wounds

found by lovesick fate
a decorated table elucidate
scrutinizing sky blue eyes
melt away marvelous madness

your hands speak effortlessly
expecting a candid reply
deceptive dessert denies
a sweetened silver spoon

rescued revelation responds
a quick intoxicating kiss commute
the familiar fragrance
saturate our isolated eligibility

i once curled around
purring velvet trust
no longer hissing
silent salutation

don’t deviate
or try to explain
i stumble and stutter
freeze and fumble

persuasive perception
identify and confess
again your hands open
quick slow drowning splash