Raft Waking

Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: synchronized swimming, whalesong, fluidity, river, age (boy these were tuff!!!)
photo: ela_the, photobucket


drifting downstream
the raft slips with ease

watchful of the way
the river channels fluidily
telling the untold
tales of old age

commodius the canyon
sealed aperture yawns
erstwhile concealed

waters recede in a sway
of synchronized swimming
impressionable and pliant
composing the way

oar gliding
cool water resonates
canyon walls arrest
a soothing whalesong
watching and waiting
signals to speak

fixed and resolved
firm in belief
headway flourishes
in a soft splash spray

approaching shore
abdicating the oar
land awaits



Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: brunt, crack, key, cherry, discard

Cherry Tree Blossom
photo: sapereaude2007, photobucket

gathering in groups
beneath the blossoming blooms
crack the sound of spring

above sun and stars
sakura unlocks the key
heaven’s door opens

cherry trees in bloom
petals of clouds fluttering
discard not the dead

at the feet of gods
renewed in feast offerings
the brunt of death hides

for those who are interested.. hanami


Translucent Hours 1.2.


Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: cohere, dandelion, immerse, create, glass
Photo: misstaylormoore, photobucket

filled with remembrance
the crystal glass vase
immersed the room
with a soft subtle scent
of rich red roses

created by lasting memories
covertly cohered
in tiny grains
of crushed sand
poised upon the polished table

waiting for water
the fresh bouquet of dandelions
anticipated their beautiful

* * * * * * * *

photo: rebbie123, photobucket

love me always until then
early morning
empty glass
spills over
last night’s moonlight

between the hours
love creates
coherent truths
immersed in magic

dandelion days
bitter taste
greets the dawn


The Mask

Friday 5 this week prompt: vagile, plural, formation, willow, crepuscular


peering through
unhindered by the invisible
the glass mask
sees another world

in vagile formation
the shoal of fish
shimmer and shine

plural patterns translate
in the crepuscular light
hiding from fear
out in the open
escaping the predator
who seeks to devour

hours later
up from the bottom
my head aches
from visions of
another world

grabbing a packet of willow dust
mixing with water
my head is soon soothed
from it’s inquietude



Friday 5 this week prompt: fuvial, inspissated, calm, deluge, earth


alongside this calm
fluvial deluge
of living mother earth

the santo cristos mountains
beat the beat of my heart
calling me home
to those who have known
without names or faces

through the echoes
eclipsed by night
wanders those who
see without sight

together we travel
soundlessly by flight
feathers and wings
running silent
beneath the earth’s
inspissated breath