Poetry, with real toads


in the garden with real frogs
fireblossom friday: i put a spell on u

ease right in
its no surprise

died a hundred times
revived all over again

disinterested desiderata
the yearning survives

sweet sauce thirst
hidden in exigency

distraught unzipped
deceased dust delivery

acquiesce pancake breakfast
assembled inside of me

buttoned up obscurity
its a takeover

notes to self… having company is nice but when the company decides to stay then its a fight to survive… as noted by the garden there’s a time and place for everything

3WW, Poetry


hearing the clatter of colors falling
the rebel rainbow ran
there by the window refuge whispered
that gritty grief that so entangles

sneaking past sincerity
the jingle so jarring
wrapped in a recent revolution
whitewashed brown sorrow’s separation

saffron sandy itchy secret shift
manifest mourning marrow
virus vindicate viaticum
percolating pink flight flamingoes

bursting massive blushing blooms
charmed cast of characters crocus crowded
the scent of lavender lingers alight along the lane
skips and scatters surreptitiously

cloaked her hips entwined in sunshine
suggest something so simple and divine
one sting of a subtle smile submerged


three word wednesday: error, jingle, vindicate

cleave, Haiku, haiku my heart

recuerda mi corazon.burning blaze

rebecca’s delightful friday recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: ccdelco, flickr


bold potent belief rescue wonderful
heated ribbons staccato tender touch totality
overtaken heart wall to wall engage

bold potent belief
heated ribbons staccato
overtaken heart

rescued wonderful
tender touch totality
wall to wall engage

it is a wonderful blessing to have a faith…. when i first heard the phrase “.. my dear, he’s no longer on the cross..” it was a very powerful statement that awakened a silent sleep within… forever rescued

cleave poetry is a form i return to again and again. there is so much room to dance and write! [simply it is two separate poems and yet put together make wonderful music….]

Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry


this weeks one single impression sunday prompt no 144: meld, courtesy of Creative Cottage Dreamer ; photo: save wild horse herd, courthousenews.com

tied to a free range
horses canter and run free
spring summer winter

* * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * *

not for long if BLM has their way in the pryor mountains of montana.. if you like your freedom you may want to consider a moment and remember cloud

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

here kitty kitty

readwritepoem napowrimo day 18 meow. write a poem abt a cat big or small. i choose panther… ; photo: Black Panther (Leopard), gsb_viva, flickr

prowling roaring power
born untamed beauty

passive wild purring
pacing pure poetry

tree climbing traveler
meandering four wall stray

black unsocialable being
clear speak eyes

silent strange strength
solitary 4-legged mystery

footprint shadow stealth
disappearing dignity

and the other…..

huey newton bobby seale 1966
eldridge cleaver stokey carmichael too

and little bobby hutton
did declare a malcom x theory

gun toting something similar like
stand up fight to win equality for all

shall we sit and share
the countless way and thoughts

the honorable right corruptable wrong
donnybrook disturbance side by side

courageous inbetweeners
the blind enlightened struggle

freedom for all
demise and living too