acrostic, WritersIsland


writers island no 23 2010 : this week’s pleasure is soar.
photo: Cycle of life?ஃ முதல் அ வரை, flickr

soft liquid silence
over treetops mountain view
aerial eyesight blue sky canvas
roars the remains of remembrance

he slept soundly viewing a world no one else knew. weaving his way amid the stars he stopped at a four-way intersection. hesitating little he pressed the pedal of his pedantic personality making way with wings of steel. nearly there he never looked beyond his porch.



thommyg’s three word wednesday. this week’s three: budge, nimble, theory
photo:  Sonia’s Images (on & off), flickr

perched heavenward
she wasn’t gonna budge
she’d been up there quite awhile

a nimble mind easily submits
to the sober soaring sublime
connected up there
where the wind comes
and trembles the leaves

daylight spinned flawlessly
casting charm to everyday choices
easing her mountain forward

there dwells an obscure
theory she has unearthed a
lofty point of view

3WW, Poetry

spring speculation

three word wednesday: escape, hum, vibrant
photo: i’m on cloud nine, windybug, flickr

it’s nice to escape routine
running rushing rowing
straight to the edge
peering past the wasted oil leaks
across the humid highways

like thelma and louise
what an adventure
the hum of an engine revving
racing down hot desert roads
though not so darn edgy

perchance the crook of a rest stop
a solitary ready park bench
basting in a soft bubble of benevolence
anticipating a come along presence

a manna manifestation
of simple observation
writing words along the wall
of bright blue sky
dotted with a wedge of geese
honking and hollering
heading towards somewhere

a vibrant act of wistful wool gathering
a riding companion atop puffy white clouds
carrying a collaborating compass
transported to the kingdom of connection

yeah, it’s a nice spring day