Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry


holding onto you
fingertip finality
heartbeat heaven’s hush

sitting still sound stirs
magic waves her watchful wand
one butterfly blooms

tranquil transition
beneath a blade wrapped wonder
one bug being born

never saw moments
breaking glass stirs not a sound
another takes flight
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

one single impression: halcyon



elastic dreams overdrawn desire
cancel and surrender the kismet cup
lumpish and laboriously long, the sunshine short
fifty-five feet of feelings fan the fierce frailty

considerate copies slumber close by
their cooing discretionary nudge
deciphering curious observation
a gathering of geese.. dawn’s full fertile flight
single pink slip mora stirs the quiet conscious calamity

telescopic tender wrap and woo
chanting breeze fluent in feather fluidity
widespread warmth wrapped in wonderful
sagacious story a waterfall bloom
one slender passage transparent page

3ww: cancel, elastic, labor ….umm about two weeks ago ** note to myself** please start writing, and do not quit. and then post. yes, i know, it’s a commitment. yeah, scary and cool.




Writers Island prompt: desire
photo: ArtioBoanne, photobucket.com

beneath transparent layers
inhabits a hungar that hopes
relentless in expression
rarely reflective
declared in loud whispers
with lips silent unmoving

meanders the outstretched moments
in absent amorous warmth
immersed in serene suspension
undetected in the smoldering coolness

ardent anticipation quickens
promises flower the evening vase
candlelight shadows subdued

seductively drawn to the allure
erupting, flowing over
galloping unimpeded
the heart sprouts wings