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this week’s writer’s island: no 21 posted a photo entitled fisherman by vane kosturanov [see below] …and from there it’s a sorta freefall…. be sure to stop by the island this week…

having recently visited a blog senderupwords who has numerous conversations with hemingway [excellent series] reminded me of his wonderful story about “the old man and the sea” and when i arrived at the island and saw this week’s prompt abt a man fishing… well, went fishin’ myself and brought this up from the deep and floated to the surface….

caressing the small ark
the water splashes her wings
swaying the still

3WW, short story

white seal

thommyg’s three word wednesday: gentle, praise, vulgar

rolling with the strong current he relaxed the gentle pull of fear caught in the small center of his stomach. knowing the sea he chanted a song to the sea spirit full of praise for the highs and lows of the tide which fed the village. gazing upon the prize he secured his catch and swam upwards. no longer filled with weariness the end of the day brought him upward to the surface air he was born to breathe. though they thought his appearance especially vulgar his swaying song caught them all in a net of tranquility. given a drink that ceases all thirst and fish that never spoils the village lived peacefully in the place where dawn begins.

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read write poem napowrimo day 20 the hero poem. write a poem in which you pay tribute to your hero, past or present; photo: Casting the Net, Anua22a, flickr

today was a revelation of 
small harmonic melodious meanderings

perceptive pondering pockets, places of small spaces
not one hero came to mind, a beguiling lucuna daze
casting a celestial net in the hope of turquiose waters
the heart cries return to me a catch of somebody someone

in the quiet of a tree’s shade a breeze burst loose
in light leisure immeasure degrees
tiny little threads of gossamer contentment
appear and unfold as petals of a tulip
in the humid heat of a quiet afternoon
under a pink blooming  blossoming tree
oh yes, i remember…