3WW, short story

white seal

thommyg’s three word wednesday: gentle, praise, vulgar

rolling with the strong current he relaxed the gentle pull of fear caught in the small center of his stomach. knowing the sea he chanted a song to the sea spirit full of praise for the highs and lows of the tide which fed the village. gazing upon the prize he secured his catch and swam upwards. no longer filled with weariness the end of the day brought him upward to the surface air he was born to breathe. though they thought his appearance especially vulgar his swaying song caught them all in a net of tranquility. given a drink that ceases all thirst and fish that never spoils the village lived peacefully in the place where dawn begins.

Haiku, OneSingleImpression, Poetry

moon tide and sea

one single impression: enigma
photo: morning tide, danimal174, flickr

bright white mystic moon
pulling tugging worldly waters
restless constant waves

unbound boundary
intangible sightless strings
guardian shoreline

playful mystery
tempestuous tidal train
sailing sunny days

acres of oceans
salty water hydrosphere
body surf magic

deep uncloak design
below shining fluent fish
never sleeping still


muddy waters

blinking back the bayou
reminiscing river
steamy august heat
dripping wet surprise

cookin ol’ crawfish
big black burnt boiling pot
simmering scent
stayed waters
and fish

wild crazy cajun
dancing delight
animated flame
his perch
the river’s edge
fingers flashing fiddle
accordion swaying
singing sunset skies

took you home
behind the watchful
wrought iron gate
squeaking creaking
waking dog barks
red rooster crows
it’s way past
monologue moon midnight

creating creole music
a few notes ballad
murmuring lights
candles burning bright

catfish crawling
hushed tranquility
easing towards dawn
yawning windows
bantering back
shameless speech
night fever revelry
‘weseanna yearning
* * * * * * *
BAYOU FIRE, flickaron, flickr


The Mask

Friday 5 this week prompt: vagile, plural, formation, willow, crepuscular


peering through
unhindered by the invisible
the glass mask
sees another world

in vagile formation
the shoal of fish
shimmer and shine

plural patterns translate
in the crepuscular light
hiding from fear
out in the open
escaping the predator
who seeks to devour

hours later
up from the bottom
my head aches
from visions of
another world

grabbing a packet of willow dust
mixing with water
my head is soon soothed
from it’s inquietude