3WW, short story

chicken noodle soup

three word wednesday: opportunity quarrel service
photo: jamelah, flickr

existing on tiny bits of dull domesticity she was unexpectedly aroused to a simple opportunity glowing like a firefly. shaking the unaltered she headed toward the enticing eruption with little hesitation. recently in the service of one who lacked motivation there was no other way to break the quarrel other than leaping tall buildings, staying silent or heading towards an unwritten letter left to the winds. unwilling to resist, her sound reasoning escaped fast through the open night babbling unintelligible words that communicated nothing to her stimulated sense of impulse and what lies undiscovered. flinging the mundane she envisions her bare feet on transcendental shores smiling in wonder at the sudden sound of breaking the bonds of contractual commitment.


once upon a time in a far away land just south of the flowing river, the cool breeze of approaching change called out to the listening ear.  previously unknown her life seemed whole as a domestic goddess in the land of everything….. suddenly desired change from her current existence. unwilling to compromise both willing and unwilling scattered to the four winds… shall i tell the rest.. or shall i leave it to you to your interpretation… that you leave with something… changed..