Big Tent Poetry, Poetry


big tent poetry, this week’s prompt wordle

Wordle: Untitled

not much to hold
nor weight to carry

tiptoe insides slip slide a squeal
kindle smoldering sight

crackling fiction flames, weaving
a wake of smoke and significance

tidy tomorrows clause and curl
fire floating pages one passing parade

tangle and tease superficial touch
scorching smile symmetric singe

disappearing boyish memento, celluloid
story he started by brushing her thigh

quiet a question hushed hue
tattered testament soot

left over litter, daylight ablaze
sparkle diamond defy

stir the still shadows blooming
one gasp, a hundred grins

say more the unspeakable
not much weight to memory

3WW, short story


three word wednesday: depart, ignite, rotten
photo: Will the Circle be Unbroken, evanembee, flickr

there must be a quiet among the rolling hills of green grass spread out forever far. a depart of the every day mundane tasks seemingly surreal and disquieting sometimes. a spark that ignites the weakened flame scattering bright. starting soft and subtle working its way through the flower and sweat passing the rotten and rude. begins the breath a wheel created. record the carve of bendable curves. once decided turns in a round complete. have you seen this circle?