Poetry, SundayScribblings

sunday scribblings.aureole

sunday scribblings no 260 this week’s prompt: nearly
photo: wouldpkr, flickr

faced with revisions
she tied both shoes and left

unwillingly able and hardly disagreeable the
rattling rambling road turned up its nose and left

chicken scratch wanderings and corn fed heifers
the latched gate stopped holding its breath and left

back at the farm gregarious tameable tigers roared
the quiet away, frightfully forgetful the answers up and left

shadows singing merry, leftover living sweet banter,
released by kindred howling liberated wolves circled then left

climbing all day to reach the top of a distant hill
she faced the old memories just about gone

magpie tales, Poetry


magpie tales no 56

there’s a hunger even now
long after the hours have lapsed
still the shifting stars, closed eye clairvoyant
the terra firma beneath trembles
emitting an innuendo

back here i cook at dawn
plotting menus, stirring pots
this farm embraces the foreign

hyphenated herbs sprout and flower
along the quiet solitary content
two shoeless feet feel
the morning dew, wet the
wild fields of a confessing confidence

during the daylight, digging
deep, the desire to deny
steadily steals every single sigh

and the earth elucidates
wearing another world
heaping a heavenly harvest
quenches the rumbling
serves a sunlight serenade