10 more floors

sitting at the desk in the dark except for one small light the tat tat tat of the old typewriter keeps the hushed quiet at bay…..his draft begins…
trusting no one he held onto the secret roll of film forgotten in the commotion. avoid everyone on second thought skips the elevators catches a glimpse of the red stairwell sign opens the door and starts running oblivious it is the 15th floor. hitting the tenth floor starts to falter, need a break, his mind full of scattered thoughts. what did the doctor say? exactly what did he say? remembers the telephone ringing interrupting their conversation and then blank his senses unwilling to comprehend just what had ocurred. all that matters, he now had the film in his possession. what he was going to do next he did not know. looking down, his next thought ten more floors.

Poefusion Friday Five: doctor, roll of film, stairwell, telephone, secret; photo: stairwell 2, karenc61, flickr