believing its real
the wind and the shadows
those fugacious fugitives
wander the edge

nightfall they alight
they shimmer and sing
daylight begins to bursts
their buzzing buries me

perched upon my shoulder
the outside world disembarks
held by invisible strings
slowly spinning, just enough

napowrimo day 25. skimming the top today. it’s a good day.


3ww. slow slip

rearranging a recall
idle, close and calm
spotless, bent and round

tumultuous touch you speak
pantomime power press
bewitched the breath animus

we mingle in mighty madness
hitch a ride astride the quarter moon
swinging light and blue

we drank a dark deep
nearer to the next rise of temporal
fixed fiery stars muster mumble

fugue flight our futureĀ faint
tomorrow’s timidity coverlet
submerged floating trance
you left a bite of tenderness

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
three word wednesday: drank, hitch, muster


a small gesture

thommyg’s three word wednesday 3ww this week offers: demure, offend, volatile
photo: gordon saunders, flickr

grasping at divine divinity
the dogma offends the earthbound

fickle the four fine winds
toss the tug of volatile views

learning to lean in lightly
the docile swaying strokes the demure

poached in a round rosy ring
the egg of ego softens with a shatter