Haiku, OneSingleImpression

OSI. amaranthine

one single impression: dreams
photo: davidphoto23, flickr

River Front Fog

altered abstraction
smallest scent of intimate
you sat next to me

unwrinkled willing
softest mist of memory
i sat next to you

gathering flutter
the clutter of your being
naturally normal

undisguised conscience
opening closed eyes aware
closer we held tight

still sounds of not yet
visiting hours over
eternity etched

we write poems

a recollection

we write poems thursdays no 26 prompt: collection
photo:  to dream, magicattic88, flickr

a collection of many
specific in sorting
erase and gather
tied perfect together

leisure arrival the quiet
that late night noise nirvana
these gatherings take place
beyond one’s control

discussing the significant
interpreting at will
a yes and no distinction
celluloid dialogue allowed

come hear the loudest
disclosing a tale
of one byte forgotten
a simple account
thousands of whispers
racing slow by

rambunctious declaration
rainbow streams of memories
materialize so many

broadcast upon a breeze
an entry out of line
rebel released remembrance
emptiness encircled
embrace the dissipated
once erased


love breathing

three word wednesday: frail, sacred, amaze
photo:  gasitech, flickr

we’re in love….
with the blue expanse above
with the 2-door sexy fire engine red convertible bmw my friend just took me for a ride 
with the frail freedom we so freely embrace
with the birth of unborn love
with the cost of never letting go
with the having won a hard fought battle that cost everything
with the perfectly run half-marathon under two hours
with the lifelong secret sacred dream coming true
with the first flower of spring’s approach yellow crocus blooming

amaze! we’re in love



thomg three word wednesday: crush, knack, varied;
read write poem: naprowrimo day 3
photo: JVLIVS © ®™, flickr

sitting with others
she soon lost herself
in the crush of scented
lavendar and pink rose petals
gathered in a small echo of time

no longer participating
she simply moved with
the sway of varied winds
along the shoreline of
mystic rivers flowing

finding the knack
of effortless escape
became her redemption
in a homeland adrift



never was it real
floating free in the twilight
anchored by balloons

then was when began
clashing dreams awake or sleep
reality ran

peppered with happy
anger crept quietly still
shadows always talk

lint-free my world sang
running to places unknown
they followed me not
* * * * * * * *
one single impression, this week’s topic: childhood memories
photo: photojennic, flickr