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i recall

read write poem napowrimo day 15 carrying a tune. ok this isn’t exactly as requested, mixin my dog, ex and birds, heck singin in the shower it sounded real good…
photo:  OakleyOriginals, flickr

i think i loved my sexy ex
he was tall, real purtee
and plenty furry

he loved to drink
and strut and jump
his bright winged tail waggin

feather free his smile soared
right over our house
and 5 foot chained link fence

he loved his home
and me i think
i just haven’t seen him since

totally optional prompts

3 dog night

thirteen barking dogs
in a quiet neighborhood
safe sound and secure

one barks they all bark
intent on a job well done
satisfied they rest

green field wide open
ready to run, jump and play
collarless and free

* * * * * * * *
oh my gosh, there are more than enough dogs in my neighborhood… love animals, especially dogs as i have one of my own and she is a barker.. but some days, some days….
totally optional prompts: 3 dog poems;
photo: Something to Bark About, Blazingstar, flickr



relaxed eyes closed
sitting in my favorite beach chair
listening to a background of
birds, the beach and blues
interrupted by the
sound of that whistle

he is a dog trainer
has a symphony of sounds
it is as funny as
a pie in the face
that he would have
one just for me

coming closer he was
wearing that shirt again
Buffalo Bills Mad Tavern
some ol’ shirt left over
from the 60’s

then they came
the assortment of dogs
he loves dogs
big dogs
and they follow
him everywhere

Poefusion Friday Five: dog trainer, bills, beach, pie, whistle;
photo: janetfo747, flickr