forming a single thought
took great effort
never seeking
not neglected
continuing without hesitation
each jealous breath
strengthened the will

i could not help but to think of terri schiavo.

and just because ….

how nice it would be
to spend the day sober
coming to that conclusion
had taken many days of
neglected thoughts
jealous lies and
hesitating will
** ** ** ** **
three word wednesday this week’s offer: hesitate, jealous, neglect
photo: ecstaticist



remembering you
continuing exercise
recollection gone
one day i shall wake without
everything i am departs
* * * * * * * * *
one single impression this week: resolve
photo: walking with Alzheimers, crookedeyebrow, flickr
caption that goes w/photo: My co-worker walking with her husband who has Alzheimers. She explains it as “he was a brilliant mathematician who can no longer work a microwave” They touch my heart every time I see them together.