three word wednesday: glimmer, passion, wish
photo:  gwoggie, flickr

brooding in the back of your mind between the buried and conceivable we communicate in silent slumber. the notion of an unfulfilled passion lies secret in multi-colored wishes hanging from heavy green branches scented with eucalyptus not yet realized on the frozen glass surface of your intellect. faint the glimmer of us weaves through silent dunes carried by dry desert winds haunting  the halls of life unopened. together we separately record our free movements in the dark lights of a slivered moon perched for a time observing strange shadows.

Haiku, OneSingleImpression


one single impression no 10: desert/deserted…
photo: outback, pebblesrubke, photobucket

in days gone by i traveled to oz and lived in western australia, traveled up and down the west coast… in the northwest travelin by car every so often we’d pass a bridge and there would be a river waiting silent… we would rest awhile, take a cool dip and move on…


hot dry breezes blow
cooling river sings out loud
meditative day

hushed river flowing
arid air sitting so still
red sand reflects heat

vacant blowing wind
remote invisible roads
shifting sands utter

serenely barren
roaring river races by
boulders subtle shade

* * * * *
and, just because…. deserted

abandoned alone
quiet stirs the grieving heart
memories awash



Poefusion Friday 5 Friday 5 is a collection of five words which can be found each week. you choose to write a poem or story with five words. This week’s prompt: fling, cranberry, winsome, prey, wacky
photo: wild winds background, petspage, photobucket

Wild Winds Background

deep in desert dunes the
wild winds filing the
spirits abroad

traversing sandy carpets
nomadic invisibles
mingle with hiding
prey undercover

drawn to the
outcrop of rocks the
wind tarries
their journey in
momentary pause

winsome spirits they
crave the quacky events
of the lively living

quietly gathered
scanning Vegas’ distant lights
silent sweet murmurs
dreamers dreaming
to taste the perfect
cranberry cosmo

requesting flight
the wild winds pick up
their passengers the
next destination awakens