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disturbing deuce

thomg’s three word wednesday this week’s offer: gesture, immediate, treasure
photo: willow’s magpie tales no 40


turning back around he wanted some gesture
something immediate that would cause
a sting she would never forget

opening a valve his heart exploded
smudging her soft hard trembling lips
abruptly destroying their last link

he watched in sorrow satisfaction
as her face unexpectedly unraveled
regret glistening, water dripping

her body falling carelessly
he now had a treasure he could keep


enough of love

cafe writing  february project: love letters, option 1: can you picture that
photo: xaviarnau, stockphotos


hello my love
now you know
my darkest

pushing, pulling

we share a kiss
along the shores
of midnight

door ajar
the sound of
seas singing

cool wet sand
fluttering palm leaves

we’d never leave
nor count the stars

together now
with little time
we say few words

3WW, Poetry


three word wednesday: caress, jagged, ruthless
photo: kschimmel, flickr

ruthless rumbles engage his belly
he often leaves a nofarious note
jagged remarks caressing her torn skin

with a wanting whisper
she thirsts his persuasive power
hiding she anticipates his return

impotent images of yesterday
crowd her helpless hyphenated name
reciting fractions and formulas
her forgotten strength recalls

3WW, WritersIsland


Moon passing through clouds

noctural neverland
decayed delight

erroneous treachery
human infidelity

buried burdens
may be madness

cautious resistence
careful contemplation

sucking deeply
the red tonic of life

sharp teeth satisfy
yet another eternal night

* * * * * * * *
Writers Island topic prompt No. 33: ferocious; and Bones 3WW weekly three word wednesday No 85 prompt: cautious, human, maybe
photo: myLegsHurt_photos, photobucket