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perfect stranger

carolee, deb & jill big tent poetry: monday prompt wordles;
photo: zapatos de tango 1, Super G, flickr

He was artlessly approachable
He could make anyone feel his ease
He would fondle your whole being from afar
He then pattern proof any deceit lingering too long in the air
He candidly set your crumpling resolve over there out of the way
He spoke a sapient mystical mumble
He avoided all with distant airs
He let you kiss him close
He never would capitulate



saying yes to his unspoken request
we moved toward the open space

his insistent arm around my willing waist
taking command we began

step by step in perfect unison
i pardoned the still smarting sore

in simmering silence we declared words
that always brought us together

tears forgotten laughter ignites
a passionate embraceable spirit

SundayScribblings No 118 topic: chance encounter;
photo: tango n°003, grispo, flickr