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michelle’s poefusion: no 27, write about a noise-or a silence-that won’t go away. excerpted from the pocket muse by monica wood; read write poem, day 9, napowrimo no 9: paradise; …a bit of tongue and cheek….; photo: john carleton, flickr


if you attend intently
eyes gazing
brain occupied
you may observe
the earth breathing

the spirit roving
over dry waters
creating a world
supporting our feet

look upward
and kiss the
blue beautiful sky
not my
brother’s monkey


pillars of creation

prior to the change
it is essential to
shift into neutral

disagreeable thoughts
must be cleared out
absent presence
of all sour signals

turn off any
receptors receiving
incoming influences
of any kind

it is important
not to carry any
hidden nuggets
of negativity
affecting the

sleeping soundly
a catnap quiet
soothed the

as water floats
and flows
so the mind began
to drift
in a sea
of vagueness

particles parting
feelings floating
memories meshed
forever changed
* * * * * * * *
poefusion Friday 5: essential, disagreeable, absent, sour, catnap
photo: Cosmic Epic Unfolds in Infrared, originally uploaded by NASAImageoftheday, flickr