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dinner plates

one single impression: prompt 123 roads. courtesy of gautami tripathy at firmly rooted
photo: Door Keepers, Firenzesca, flickr

wrapped in buttermilk
and cheesecloth the
chicken was baking
to perfection

sighing with satisfaction
a stretch and a shift showers
enchanted extra moments
in this bewitched kitchen
enough to socialize
and smile

invitation left ajar
just 5 or 6, possibly 12
my fantastic familiar friends
maybe a mutual acquaintance
7 intercepted serendipity strangers

deciding on dinner
here we 12 are nestled
lives entwined
in a mix of candlelight
music and wine

mingling madness soiree
we impart our intentions with
our edifying renditions of
lasting love acapello
dinner melts marvelous

too soon i’m serving
thin slices of
pumpkin cheesecake
espresso and cognac
candle light melt
eric clapton continues

we further pass the
endless excursions
of this and that
making room for
tomorrows we
hope to engage

saying good night
floating guests withdraw
heading homeward
in different directions
the door closed, the latch locks
everyone has vanished

beckoning reality
dishes dancing, open window
such a sweeping view
clean up is a breeze

Napowrimo, Poetry, ReadWritePoem

dinner day 22

read write poem napowrimo day 22 a wordle 12 word choice use one or use them all. why not i mutter use all… ; photo: Canário-da-terra, Saffron Finch (Sicalis Flaveola), Bertrando©, flickr: sunday scribblings: dinner

deciding tomorrow‘s dinner
the image of green spinach pie
came to my dizzy delirious disposition
as the black crows in the surrounding
tall evergreen trees begin to batter
in spontaneous agreement

being in a saffron sunny spirit
i casually make a decision and navigate
the local market noting the excellent
selection of spinach and kale priced perfectly

a sudden hollar draws my attenion
his cropped head from a distance smiles
over the counter and in a booming voice
there’s an excellent choice today mam’

in a fierce minute squall
my gray peppered hair reality
began to reverberate through the
tiny tendrils of my suddenly saddened
electrified brain manifesting sprouts
when did i become a mam’

responding to an unexpected ache
of a latent sting i smiled a smile and
spoke sincerely thank you sir

later two aisles over stirring speculation
the recipe calls for eggs and grated
montery jack cheese

lost in the reverie of how old am i really
all the tomorrows and yesterdays simmered
and bubbled with little requirements of fire or flame

with my basket before me the rust wheels sqeak round
my dinner disillusioned and forgotten i find
little appetite unwilling to view the fine mist
of emporium delights fluttering before me
as colorful flags telling a tale of the finch who flew
away when the door of his cage mysteriously opened

haynaku, Napowrimo, ReadWritePoem

backwards bliss

read write poem: napowrimo day 10 celebrate–any kind of celebration experience, family, friends, the good or bad. for me it was the luxury of french toast all the senses stretched filled with the bizarre and mysterious childhood happiness.
photo: JAlpers, flickr

simple meal
french toast feast

magic potion mixture
something special

sunday morning
just after church

simmering serenade
cinnamon surround clouds

sit together
heaven earth bound

cooking sings
fulfilling happiness happens

recollecting reverie
flipping french toast



one single impression no 50: movement
photo: bufivla, flickr

awaken sleepless
purple magic light aglow
venus brews housecalls

hot peppermint tea
darknesss channels harmony
night sounds quiet light

subtle shifts of time
birdcalls que the ticking clock
sleepy musings sear

boiling water shrieks
whacky wet ringing wishes
pours the soothing tea

soon back to dreaming
drenched in lemon peppermint
backstroke cools the heat