CafeWriting, Poetry

cafe writing.blustery day

peeling passed a particular purpose
apple chinese pear, mixture mazey melt
bowlful bounty crisp crunch connect

stirring still an open window whirl
cinnamon sugar and nutmeg
incognito the growling hunger ache

share a slice, let’s brew a bold black coffee
french vanilla ice cream, blend the
ice cold water with apple cider vinegar

independent over there, the
gathering fall wind hums and howls
closet composed counting the carnival cascade

rambling drifting downpour
last of this year’s leaves
considering the crust one must never touch

flaky fantastic a brush of milk and sugar
fireplace fierce, crackling cloud nine
where is my favorite pink roller pin

calmly cooking a bubbling breeze
sun shining terrific taste of marvelous
window watching surrender
you emerge wrapped in white clouds
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cafe writing: thursday threesome, blustery day
it’s great to have cafewriting back..!!!

magpie tales, Poetry


magpie tales no 56

there’s a hunger even now
long after the hours have lapsed
still the shifting stars, closed eye clairvoyant
the terra firma beneath trembles
emitting an innuendo

back here i cook at dawn
plotting menus, stirring pots
this farm embraces the foreign

hyphenated herbs sprout and flower
along the quiet solitary content
two shoeless feet feel
the morning dew, wet the
wild fields of a confessing confidence

during the daylight, digging
deep, the desire to deny
steadily steals every single sigh

and the earth elucidates
wearing another world
heaping a heavenly harvest
quenches the rumbling
serves a sunlight serenade


letting go

a new prompt i found today rebecca’s stumbling toward ecstasy
and beverly’s pink saturday …been away far too long, feel the pink calling…;
photo: parasol, TheJane, flickr


hear the harmony
of happiness
so simple so sweet
a melodic measure
of hope ascending high

springing forth
pouring over
sprouting serenity
delicious day divine

allow me to turn upon
this day of disentangle
rising rich and mighty
conscious cognizant
wearing waterless wings

where my purple skirt
floats with ruffled
exposing a net
of pink perhaps and
yellow yearnings

stumbling silly
arrested with wanting
loaded with laughter
where what does
matter but now

propitious persnickety cupcakes
shining with sparkle
backed by vanilla icing
delivers by display
hold on!

came to discover another prompt of rebecca’s recuerda mi corazon today via magical mystery teacher poem from another prompt – one single impression – so…. totally influenced by their response i have responded…. this could have a thousand or so, possibly one meaning(s)… but of course i indulged in the prompt title… whole, feet first… thank you for such a spirited post the both of you…

Haiku, haiku my heart

haiku my heart.frijoles

every friday love unfolds at rebecca’s recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: pinto beans, basswulf, flickr

Pinto Beans

cleaning pinto beans
mom’s echoing voice caress
posole soup spark

makin posole, making enchiladas, and making not even close to my moms tortillas brings back the spirit of my mom so sweet…. the whole process. she use to make us girls clean the beans, always cleanin beans, and she’s making oh my god homemade tortillas…

3WW, Poetry, we write poems

divine poem pie

we write poems: prompt 22 what’s for dinner? poetic meal served this week
three word wednesday: hint, lust, sheen; photo: twinkle little star, reverie143, flickr

steamy the hours of cognizance
a blistery bright warm fire shining
tiny tethered stars sublime
conscious creation commences

starting from scratch, these
floaty feathered delicate delights
twirl their enchantment
in and out about and around my
favored zoetic white morning cup
bold black coffee crowded

fertile fingers follow
point and click, highlighting
reading reciting and deleting
the roman font ingredients
piled high heaped in a
chocolate brown ceramic bowl

savor the suspicious
a tale of temptation
rage and rapture taste delightful
moving through the mind
making marvelous sifting spices
effortless mingle aromatic array

always adding a this or that
imagination floured and flounced
the sheen of exploratory exaggeration
the rigid recipe quietly chirps

humming handiwork
nearing done
gentle caring hands
caress the cavorting colors
pouring perfect baking bliss
a little laughter nuzzles with lust
silent the blushing browning crust

nearing another hour the eyes close and conceptualize. through an open window light appears a break of clouds the sun returns. savor the blue scent of an early morning sky. the air is cool with the hint of fall that hangs lightly just outside the door.

**zoetic [cool word] being animately existent**