haiku my heart, Poetry

the new of old

rebecca’s friday prompt recuerda mi corazon [haiku my heart]
photo: comet in the dark sky, lou 69, flickr

touched by a tender tendril of toughness
you rub the raw from my heart
we gather old cobwebs and
make silk socks of togetherness

sometimes in the uncertain
you bring me back
where no one likes to step
you hook your arm around
my waist, and with
steady heart you sooth and rock
you provoke me landward

3WW, cleave, OneSingleImpression, Poetry


three word wednesday:  abandon, gradual, precise; and last week’s grasp, pacify, dread; this form cleave was introduced during rwp april 2010 napowrimo..still working on form and the ideaology that really intrigues me..; one single impression: floating
photo: Atmospherics,  ethanea, flickr

the gradual rise of perfect passes    silent watchdog curtain window watches

there’s little to criticize    noting nothing exceeding an ordinary

billowing light layer abandon    yet aroused the defeated dread of dawn’s distinct design

precise ontime rainbow illumination   grasps the untaken to pacify darkness

converse connect a grasp and spell   the slippery shadowy companion

telepathic nudge   happiness devoured

reach to rest soiree   bothersome castaway erased


holiday nirvana

3 word wednesday: accident, loyal, obscene
photo: You are…,  !efatima, flickr

enchanted naked orange
warm engaging wonder
embellished exposure
ornament obscene
drifting scents of clove and pine
carnal clear cascade
accident-free synchronicity
loyal white lilies splashing about

we often discuss our whereabouts in volatile, swinging electrical currents of yes and no, saying little, confessing everything. explore the sudden whoosh. encounter the accident tentative addiction. lazily drifting along the loyal river of malleable reasoning obscene in their marked intrusion. tilting the stars in a southern direction the fog bank comes quickly, clarity endures.