3WW, fibinacci


screaming words
exquisite letters
magnificent mind speak touch me

there’s this way, the way we speak when we email or write letters and then there’s the sound of silence while the mind screams…. he tells me this and that and I hear nothing. I await his next email… the Fibonacci is a beautiful form of poetry…. there are six lines with vowel count of 1/1/2/3/5/8

3ww: crisp, exquisite, magnificent

short story, we write poems


we write poems: conversation between two. any sort of two
photo:opera, sanako, flickr


arrange the setting.
two people.
it’s around early, middle evening.
opera in paris. a wonderful opera.

sharing the evening of passion and pain dressed up lovely. seated in their own, secret thoughts screaming. they do not touch or move. later when the second scene seamlessly pours over, each one emerges in flight, swimming in synesthesia. hinting of a crest the scene burns so brightly. remembering to breathe, air brings back their world. seated separately they never knew what they shared in silent conversation.

Poetry, WritersIsland

old love grows new roots

writer’s island: the gift. this was perfect timing for something that needed to be expressed….missing someone can be haunting at times…for linda growing strong… here’s the ongoing story…previous posts; photo: Lipstickjudy stalus, flickr

it is not so bad
most days
sleep comes easy

here now without
i cannot, come and
be right next to me

today i totally surrender
softly sobbing the once
smothered to you

no one hears nearby
i clutch at the arms
familiar to me

eventually sleep comes
and when you
smile i do too



pasted to a waiting wall
the transitory day
unveils a black and
white portrait life

spoken in conversable lines
spectators behold
the one-act play
staged in passing promenade
cushioned concrete steps

another day transpires
rushing clouds commence
a drizzling rain pours
erasing thoughtful clarity

Michelle’s Monday Mural prompt
photo: swoon in the wild, swoon, flickr

really enjoyed this artist, michelle, found some info on the web…
Swoon’s interactive art and another site swoon2