Imaginary garden with real toads, Poetry


it’s okay to count
1 after another
by and by 1 drifts

new moments move in
rushing past hardly a sound
sight shifts and snores

mirrors wanting to speak
reflecting the righteous
seasoned and salty the sinner

…i’m losing count

imaginary garden with real toads. a place where poets go

3WW, magpie tales, monday poetry train, Poetry

tossing coins

thomg three word wednesday: clutch, delight, happy
photo: willow’s wednesday magpie tales mag 41
gautami’s monday poetry train revisited no 107 [i think]

it’s almost 3
the stars are screamin’ loud
laughing and sparkling
telling a comet come quick

clutching at the purpose
i was hoping for more
the shake of your head
the toss of your luggage

i  can’t shake the delight
hidden away till later
hard luck and happiness
the toss of a falling star