almost there
i can rest for a bit
so shocking
lost all feeling
except the grief

know not where it was
the grief place
no map with directions
how to get there
or the way out

here is a new place
except the grief

poet’s notes: it’s april write a poem everyday…. forgot all about it… but i have been writing… im joining writers digest 2021 April PAD starting day 6 great topic today For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt: Write a change poem and/or…Write a don’t change poem. i thought my day 6 poem fit perfectly

3WW, Poetry

change me

thomg’s three word wednesday this week’s offer: fragile rampant tremor

she soon discovered his fragile state
starting with a small tremor
quickly becoming uncontrollable
and why oh why was there this
rampant released hysterical laughter
staring at his back now nothing as he was
his best suit torn and hair, hair everywhere
he turns and smiles so silly with wicked wild fangs
what’s for dinner honey